Commercial Sofa Beds

Commercial Sofa bed actions: 

  • Our sofa beds have been developed and manufactured for commercial use.
  • duty tested to exceed 2000 cycles that is the equivalent opening and closing every day for 5 years.
  • Tested to ISO9227:2017 for resistance to corrosion.
  • heat-treated spring steel frame, while it’s not recommended inevitably guests will sit on the end of the bed frame, our steel frame will resist bending and damage far better than regular or standard bed frames.
  •  Safe Operation: Our sofa beds feature an anti-tilt system for added safety and peace of mind.
  •  Supportive Mattress: Bonel spring mattress with multiple foam comfort layers, measures 5″ – 6″ thick for a comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Easy to Open and Close: The heavy mattress is easy to open and close, making it a convenient solution for your guests.

Carlton sofa bed

Luxurious Customizable Sofa Beds for the Ultimate Comfort If you’re looking
for a space-saving solution for your hotel or motel accommodation, our sofa
beds are the perfect choice. Our custom-made designs are carefully crafted to
seamlessly blend into any room, whether it’s a modern lounge or a classic study.
Your guests will be pleasantly surprised as they transform into a comfortable bed at the end of the day.
At Oakgrove , we only use the finest materials for this reason our sofa beds are equipped with a Commercial Bi-fold mechanism and a 6″ innerspring mattress for ultimate comfort. These mechanisms are specifically designed for hotel use and come with a 3-year commercial warranty.
The mattress is springy and free of any bars that are commonly found in cheaper sofa beds, ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep. The bed can be conveniently folded away, making it easy for your guests to enjoy their stay. We can customize our sofa beds to fit your specific dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit in your hotel or motel accommodation. Get in touch with us today to start designing the ultimate sofa bed solution.

Oakgrove factory delivery of final products
Oakgrove factory modern sewing machine in use
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