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We design each part to comfort and durability. 

Fabric selection and cutting

Read about how we select each fabric and how they are all perfectly cut.

Why choose us for your commercial furniture?

Being one of Australia’s largest lounge manufacturers allows us a unique ability to produce quality upholstery items built specifically for commercial applications and because you are buying direct our prices could be much less than what you have been paying. Often we see importers or on-sellers providing residential products into the commercial sector. This can compromise the product in numerous ways. At Oakgrove we understand commercial clients can have different and varying requirements and as the manufacturer we can build specially to a client’s needs. This can range from fabrics resistant to pool chlorine, through to consideration of house cleaning requirements and which fabrics will be best suited. As the manufacturer we have complete control over every component used, from our electro galvanized staples and fixtures through to our sofa bed actions. Our bed actions for example are designed for commercial use, they feature heat treated spring steel for added strength. They have been duty cycle tested up to 2000 times (equal to around 5.5 years of daily use) They have even passed corrosion resistance tests making them ideal for humid tropical climates or sea-side locations. These are just a fraction of the features that ensure our commercial products will outperform and out last other products that may look similar but generally don’t contain the same level of detailed commercially orientated components. Best of all when you buy from us you can cut out the middleman, buying direct from the manufacturer means we are often able to supply you with a superior product at a comparable or better price to what resellers would charge for a lesser quality sofa bed or lounge. Check us out, see what we do and compare our products and prices, we are confident you will see that our furniture is “made to last”.

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