The future of fabric cutting

Pathfinder multi lay cutting machine

We have been using pathfinder automated cutting machines now for over ten years. Pathfinder are an Australian success story producing world leading cutting technology right here in Tullamarine, Australia. In the same way we can offer to our customer local advantages by manufacturing to specific needs we found Pathfinder we able to do much the same with us so the decision to buy a locally built cutting solution was an easy one. Pathfinder export their cutting machines all over the world selling into many cutting edge fields of production. While many local manufacturers are now choosing to use pathfinder cutting machines no one in Australia owns more of them than we do, with 4 automated cutting heads and a fully automated spreader we have a huge advantage and capability in this area.

One of the biggest advantages for my customers is the increased efficiency in the cutting process and repeatable and precise cuts. We also see significant improvements in yield and a reduction in waste, this not only reduces cost but reduces waste. With this machine, we are able to complete projects much faster and with less labor, which means quicker turnaround times for our customers. This is especially important for those with tight deadlines or urgent needs.

In addition to increased efficiency, the improved accuracy and precision of the cuts made by the Pathfinder lay-cutting machine ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. This means that the furniture we create for our customers will last longer and look better, giving them more value for their money.

Another advantage for our customers is the cost savings that come with using the Pathfinder lay cutting machine. With less waste of fabric and fewer errors, we are able to offer our customers competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

Oakgrove factory operator handling sofa fabric cust
Operator inspecting fabric cuts

The versatility of the machine is also a huge advantage for our customers. We are able to work with a wide range of fabrics, vinyl, and other materials, which gives our customers more options for their furniture.

Pathfinder in operation

Our automation in fabric cutting also improved safety in the workplace as it reduces the risk of accidents and injuries during the cutting process. Not only is it safer and easier to use than tradition methods our operators find it significantly easier to use.

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