Oak-lock Framing System

Cutting the parts

Our Oak-Lock frame system  is based around they way our engineered board components lock together when assembled. Our CNC machinery allows us to recess grooves with millimetre precision. These groves assist with the assembly and dramatically increase strength and durability. They also create a machined surface allowing our glue to better bond to the surface.

Assembling the parts

Once glue has been applied the assembly process can begin. The recessed grooves allow the assembler to accurately assemble the arm frame, the groves ensure all rails are in the correct location with millimetre precision ensuring frame is built to a very high level of accuracy because rails will only fit in their correct location, they simply wont fit in any other location. The lip created by the recessed groves increases the strength of the completed product massively. So not only are rails glued, stapled/nailed or in some cases screwed they have a physical barrier stopping them from moving if and when force is applied.   

why this level of detail

Greatest advantage is strength and durability. It is also very consistent and repeatable with a high level of precision which reduces error rates and increases the overall quality of our product. This process makes assembly straight forward and easy, increasing productivity and reducing complexity for our assembly team. Our multiple late model CNC technology combined with our experience product development team allow us to build to this high level and detail and its why we can say with confidence our furniture is made to last.  


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