Why we should buy local

The Importance of Manufacturing in Australia

In a globalized economy, it can be easy to forget the importance of manufacturing. We often buy products from all over the world without giving much thought to where they come from or how they are made. But the truth is that manufacturing plays a vital role in the Australian economy. Manufacturing is one of the country’s largest industries, employing over 1 million people.

So why should we buy local?  

There are many reasons but at the top should be because it’s a great product. You need to buy what’s right for you first and foremost. You should buy with your head and your heart, when you buy from Oakgrove you get a great product built to your needs. Yes as a biproduct you are also supporting local manufacturing helping to create and maintain jobs in the sector. Buying Australian made should not mean paying more, and buying from overseas manufacturers does not always mean cheap prices. Because we are the manufacture we can specify to your needs, if price is your primary consideration we can focus on a low-cost build, and this is the advantage of being Australian made. We are here to support our customers and their needs. We understand the environment our products are going into and we can modify and build product to fit that need. This is our local advantage, we have industry knowledge, fantastic supply partners, leading edge technology with an ability to supply large volumes through to boutique custom pieces. Buying local also reduces our carbon footprint, products made locally do not have to be shipped long distances, with all this in mind maybe the question should be “why wouldn’t we buy Local.”

Oakgrove factory delivery truck full

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