Contract Cutting Upholstery fabrics, vinyl, rubber, foams and more.

  • Oakgrove’s cutting-edge machines handle a diverse range of materials, including upholstery fabrics, vinyl, rubber, foam, leather, cardboard, and more.

  • Our machinery employs sharp blades that move with precision at high speeds, effortlessly cutting complex shapes and patterns with accuracy.

  • In the realm of upholstery fabric cutting, Oakgrove excels in precision and expertise, seamlessly handling various upholstery materials for smooth and accurate cuts, even up to 20 layers high.

  • Our Pathfinder machine is adept at cutting custom gaskets tailored to your specific requirements, utilizing materials such as rubber, foam, paper, Eva, PE foams, and others. We can incorporate various features like holes, slots, notches, and more to meet your precise needs.

  • Additionally, Oakgrove specializes in cutting custom foam for packaging, such as EPE foam. This lightweight and protective material can be customized to fit any product size and shape, ensuring optimal safeguarding during transit and storage.

  • We also handle acoustic materials, crafting solutions like acoustic panels for sound deadening. These panels are designed to absorb sound and reduce noise in critical environments, featuring unique patterns and designs achieved through cutting, grooving, and punching techniques.

  • Trust Oakgrove for precision cutting solutions that elevate the functionality and protection of your materials and products. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we ensure the final outcomes meet your precise needs.

Oakgrove factory operator stapling fabric - closeup
Oakgrove factory modern sewing machine in use
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